Friday, May 1, 2015

X is for Kings Nona HendryX

Nona Hendryx is an American Singer and Songwriter, she got her start as one of the members of the group Labelle. When Labelle disbanded in 1976, Hendryx went on to begin her career as a solo artist. Mixing a plethora of music genres to create her sound she was definitely an artist who, like many others on my A to Z list, wouldn't allow themselves to be put into a box. She released her self-titled debut album in 1977. Although there were two minor hits from the album (Winning and Leaving Here Today) the album didn't do well on the charts and it was not well received. In fact critics and fans alike never took an interest to the album.
  Despite her first album failing to make an impact, she continued on with her career and eventually joined a group called Talking Heads where she sang backup for the group during the late 70s and into the early 80s. After releasing a second album that also didn't do so well and becoming tired of touring and changing lables Hendryx decided to take a hiatus from releasing music and touring. She returned to the spotlight when Labelle reunited in 2007. The group released a project titled Back to Now in 2008 and performed together. This reunion sparked Hendryx's passion again and she began to tour and record music again, to wish she also released a jazz & funk album titled It's Time in 2011, to which the album was well received. She had finally started getting the recognition she deserved.
    A woman of many talents, she went on to release a children's book titled The Brownies and also  a sci-fi musical she co-wrote with writer Charles Randolph titled Skindiver in 2010. She also came out  as Bisexual in 2001 interview with The Advocate magazine and became a voice for the LGBTQ community; even going on to join with Cyndi Lauper on her True Colors Tour. She was also very heavily present in raising money to support people living HIV/AIDS. The last album she released was in 2012 titled Mutatis Mutandis.

Fun Fact: Nona Hendryx is a cousin to Jimi Hendrix!

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