Friday, May 1, 2015

V is for V.V. Brown

V.V Brown  (Vanessa Brown) was born on Oct 24th, 1983, in Northampton, England. She is a singer/songwriter/model and producer; as a singer her she mixes a fusion of indie pop, "dance-punk", soul and rock music to create her sound. As a child she was one of those artist who showed interest in music early; she attended a musical arts school where she learned how to play both classical and jazz piano and took vocal lessons, as time went on she learned more instruments such as the trumpet and violin and she even played in a jazz band at the age of 21.
   With grade school behind her, Brown declined to study law after declining several offers from some of the leading top universities in the UK to pursue her dream of having a career in music. Brown had been offered several record deals but for decided against them, in fact P.Diddy of Bad Boy Records wanted to sign her at one point but she decided against it. At 19 she signed with Polydor records in the UK and A&M records in the US, however for reasons unknown she ended up leaving both Polydor and A&M in 2006.
  She moved back to London and performed in the local scene, while at a show she was discovered again by Darcus Beese an executive of Island Records, she signed with the label and recorded her debut album Traveling Like the Light in 2007. Her music has be used in many commercials and on reality TV shows such as CSI, Sex and The City and Ugly Betty just to name a few. Her single Shark in the Water became an instant hit on the UK, French and US music charts. The song also received "gold status" in the US and France in 2009.
  Her second album was never released despite the promotion of it and release of several singles off of the unreleased album. The reason is said to have been due to Brown not feeling that the body of work was right for has as an artist, thus it was never fully released. She did go on to release her third album titled Samson & Delilah in 2013 to rave reviews.This album was a major leap from her original works. With this album, Brown showed a more grown up, serious and darker sound, with the look to match. Her sound seemed to take on a more hard edged electric-rock sound while keeping with her soulful voice. According to a post on her Facebook page she is currently working on a new project and it appears that her fans are eagerly anticipating her return! I am looking forward to it as well.

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