Monday, April 27, 2015

Q is for Queens of Sheba

Queens of Sheba is a rock band that originated from the UK; the band formed in 2010. The band is comprised of Rita (Lead Vocals), Regi (Lead Guitar), Karis (Rhythm Guitar), Simone (Drums), and Kerim (Bass). What is most apparent about this band is that you definitely can't put them in a box; to my ears their sound is a mix of electric blues, funk and soul and I absolutely love it. The released two songs, one titled "Little Brown Eyes" and "Don't Know What She Does (but I like it)" both great songs in their own right.
  Around 2012 Queens of Sheba disbanded; the cause of this was due to a disagreement with their management. According to their AfroPunk webpage they promised that they would be continuing as a group but under a different name and would continue to make music, however as of today I have not seen or heard any new music from the band I am hopeful that they will make a comeback; even if under another name. The world needs this band, especially black girls who love rock n roll!

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