Thursday, April 23, 2015

P is for Pure Hell & A Band Called (Pain)

Pure Hell  is a classic punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1974. The were also the first all African American punk band. The band was comprised of  Kenny Gordon (vocals, writer and rhythm guitar), Preston Morris III (lead guitar), Kerry Boles (bass guitars), and Michael Sanders (percussion). They released a two singles in the UK, one a cover of "These Boots are Made for Walking" and "No Rules" that reached the top 5 on the UK Alternative Charts and went on to tour Europe, where they found a small following there. They recorded their album "Noise Addiction" during the early eighties but according to they were unable to release the album for twenty eight years due to legal and personal disputes.
   The band lost original member drummer Michael Sanders in 2002, but continued to perform local shows making a name for themselves some twenty eight years later. Many publications, documentaries and films were made to tell their stories as the band was virtually unknown for some time. They're known now though, and now have a large fan base and they are continuing to play live shows; there most recent show scheduled for May 29th.  The band continues to only play exclusive shows New York and Philadelphia and also Europe.

A Band Called (Pain) is an American hard rock/metal band from Oakland, CA that formed in 2001. The band is made up of Allen Richardson (vocals), Shaun Bivens (guitar, back up vocals), Tony Providence (drums), and Bryan "Dark Kent" Dean (bass). Their first album "Broken Dreams" was released in 2006, which was named as one of the ten best albums in California by "Zero Magazine". There singles like "The Pieces" and "Holy" put them on the map. The single "Holy" also went on to appear on the Saw II soundtrack.Tony Providence left the band in 2008 and Akili Peyton took his place. There last album titled "Beautiful Gun" was released in 2010.


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