Monday, April 13, 2015

H is for Howlin' Wolf & Honey Child Coleman

 Howlin' Wolf  (Chester Arthur Burnett) was a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He was born June 10th, 1910 in West Point, Mississippi and passed away on January 10th, 1976. According to, Burnett received a guitar from his father as a gift when he was 18 years old; he began to practice and learned how to play and perform blues music. He was able to learn from blues greats like Charley Patton and Sonny Boy Williams and during the 1930s he began to play shows.
     Burnett served time in the Army and was stationed in Seattle, Washington during the time of World War II, after his time of service he delved fully into playing music. Burnett went to Memphis, TN and while there formed a band called "The House Rockers" in 1948. He signed with Chess Records and moved to Chicago shortly there after. He delivered such hits as "Smokestack Lightnin" & "Moanin' at Midnight"By the time of the 1960s Burnett had become regarded as a major force in Rock n Roll. He passed away due to heart issues and was honored after his passing by being inducted into not only the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame (1980) but also into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1991).
    It was in a class titled History of African American Protest in Music in college, where I learned of Howlin' Wolf; the name instantly drew me in and made me want to learn more about this hidden history of black artist who were among the founding members of Rock N Roll. I was already a fan of rock, alternative, & heavy metal music but it wasn't until I started seeing faces that looked like mine, that my passion for the music grew and grew.

Honey Child Coleman is described as an Avant Electro-Pop artist & Riot Grrl; her sound is a bit of rock, pop, electronic and thrash music all combined to create her own unique sound. She was born in Kentucky and later moved to  New York City. It is in New York City that she got her start with singing; she would perform in the Subway along with performing with other popular acts in New York City during the mid nineties. This lead to her making a name for herself and led to her being a major contributor in creating the electronic music scene in New York City and allowing her to become a well known name on the underground music sce
   Coleman went on to release her own work and her label "8RM Records Brooklyn" , she played guitar and toured with the band "Apollo Heights" and also acted as a Disc Jockey, under the name of DJ Sugarfree. In fact she toured all over Europe, gaining a pretty hefty fan base.In 2009 Coleman released her full length album titled "Halo Inside ( Come la Luna)" on  the "Matteite/Venus Records". Her last album was released in 2011 titled "bereket window". Her song "Echelon" was featured on the "Pariah" movie soundtrack (an awesome movie everyone should check out!) Coleman continues to perform and tour and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. 
   I really dig, Honey Child Coleman sense of style; it's very eccentric and she never settles on one signature look. I love the way she mixes genre's of music and how she has created a sound that is all her own. I've instantly become a fan!


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