Wednesday, April 8, 2015

F is for Fishbone & Felony Melony

Fishbone is an American alternative rock band that was formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. The group was formed by led vocalist and saxophonist named Angelo Moore, John Norwood Fisher on bass, Phillip Fisher on drums, Kendall Jones on guitar, Walter A. Kibby on vocals and trumpet, and Christopher Dowd on vocals, keyboard and trombone. The band mixes punk rock, ska, hard rock, funk and soul to create their sound. 
   During the late 80s the band began to gain a large following and were very popular on the underground circuit, although they didn't shoot to super stardom but their band remains widely known for their unique sound and carefree, comical, and easygoing persona but they were also known for bringing awareness to the social injustices that were prevalent at the time and they continue to have a loyal fan base today.
  The band was first signed to Columbia records in the mid-80s and released their self-titled debut EP in 1986 and then in 1987 they released a full album titled "In Your Face"Although the started out as more of a ska and funk band earlier on, they began to shift their sound to the more hard edged, rock and sound with the release of their album Truth and Soul in 1988, which is where they began to grow their fan base. They continued to release albums; five studio albums and four live albums to be exact. 
  Today the band remains together, although many of the members have changed over time; they continue to make music and play shows.

Felony Melony is the vocalist of the rock band The Objex, the band was first formed in 2006. The band is comprised of Melony singing vocals, Jim Nasty on guitar, Joe Perv on the drums and Jerm on bass. They played their first show in 2006 at the First Friday Celebration in Las Vegas. Their sound is a mix alternative, punk and rock. Jerm left the band in 2006, while the band went on to release their debut album titled "Attack of The Objex" in 2007. They then added Aly 2x to play bass, after meeting and taking an instant liking to her. They began to play shows such as the SXSW music festival, The Afro Punk music festival and the Hurricane festival. 
  Shortly, after touring and playing those shows the band was already beginning to write new music in March of 2008 but due to differences Joe Perv left the band in May of 2008. The band auditioned drummers to take Perv's place and eventually settled on Chili (Joaquin Espinosa) in July of 2008. The band went on to win the Vegas Rocks Award for Best Punk Rock Band of 2010 and were nominated for a Hollywood Music Award for Best Alternative Song (2011) and Best Rock Song (2012). Aly 2x left the band in 2011 and was replaced by Ivan Del Real and the band went right back to touring and making music. Unfortunately, the band disbanded in 2014 to pursue their individual endeavors.

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