Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blogging From A to Z: My Reflection

    So Blogging from A to Z has come to a close this year; as always it was fun but definitely challenging for me. I was just in the middle of changing jobs around the time the challenge was just starting up, so it sort of threw things out of balance for me a bit but I stuck with it and managed to complete it. As I have said before, I learned a lot this time around and it's such an awesome thing because most of what I have learned has sparked brand new ideas in my mind for potential stories I want to write.
    I knew that there was a wealth of information on African Folklore and now that I have written a entire blog series full of it, I definitely plan on using it and hopefully being a part of bringing those stories to life and making them known. That was my ultimate goal; that and wanting to see people of color represented in a positive light, where they too are heroes and she-roes. I just want to say I thank you to all of those who took the time out to read and comment on my blog and I happy that I have connected with some of you. Hopefully we can all continue to grow with our writing and make a difference and have fun while doing it!

Thanks again, until next time! Later

But be sure to check out my regular blogs, thinking I may make change the title of this blog thread to My A to Z blog and create another blog thread for Just my Thoughts, because this has made me want to write! YAY!

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