Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zombies

   Zombies are probably one of the most popular characters in horror, especially recently with the string of movies and television shows devoted to it.  Zombie actually originates from the word Zombi a word that comes from a Bantu language, called Kongo. African descendents took the idea of the Zombi(e) with them as they were brought to America and to the Caribbean, etc...To accurately define what a Zombie is, it is a reanimated corpse that rises from it's grave and does the bidding of whoever raised it; most likely a witch or witch doctor is usually responsible for this. It is said that a Zombie can be restored back to it's original state if it sees the sea or either eats salt, once this takes place the soul of the Zombie will return to it's grave and rest for good.
     In the Haitian tradition of the myth, a Bokor or witch uses necromancy to reanimate the corpse to do it's will. And in the original stories of Zombies, they never had an appetite for brains or human flesh; they were just simply doing whatever they were told to do, thus the actually meaning of the word Zombie (which means "enslaved spirit"). Also in Haitian tradition there is a realm in which Zombies are said to come from, called "the zombie astral".
   Usually the case of these reanimated corpses was that a witch doctor or someone very knowledgeable would mix together different psychoactive drugs into a powder  and would then slip it to an unsuspecting victim and this would put the vicitim in a death-like state, which would cause them to act like a Zombie.

 Although, I do love the modernized take on what Zombies have become, I would definitely love to see the actual origins of the myth of the zombie displayed. As I've said for many of these blogs, I have so many ideas to work with for my own stories.



  1. Yay, you finished!!!! :-)
    I alllllmost did Zombies for my "Z"...but, then I remembered I did Zombies last year, lol
    Congrats on completing the challenge!
    Now you can write your "reflection" post. On May 5th, folks who've completed the challenge can post a link to their reflection post on the A-Z page! :-)
    Way to go, girlie!

  2. I really don't like zombies. I don't know why. I don't find them frightening or anything, I just don't care for them as monsters. The recent fad has made my horror watching somewhat slim.

  3. I'[d like to see more stories featuring the original zombie origins as well. The human element seems a lot more interesting. One good story is Diana Gabaldon's Lord John and the Plague of Zombies.
    Congratulations on completing the A-Z!