Wednesday, April 30, 2014

W is for Waterlord

 A Waterlord is a seven-headed aquatic reptilian creature that lives in big bodies of water. Whenever the animal is taunted and insulted it causes droughts and kills unlucky people who happen to be close. The myth originates from the Fulani people of Mali in Africa. It is a tale about a young girl who encounters the monster. According to the tale of Jinde and the Waterlord goes like this:

Each day Jinde would carry a jug of water on her head and take some water from the river to bring home. One day the Waterlord rose from the waters and captured Jinde who then forced her to marry him. Despite being in love with another she had no choice but to become its spouse. Waterlord decided to let Jinde go back home to say goodbye one last time to her mother. But when she came back home, her parents refused to open the door saying that her home was with the monster now. She then went to the house of her old boyfriend who then took his father’s sword and protected her as they went to the lake. The Waterlord raised its head above the water to kill the young man but Jinde’s boyfriend was victories in the fight and severed off the monster’s seven heads.

This would make such a cool horror or sci-fi movie! This gives me such inspiration! Maybe I'll write the screenplay for one! Hmmm, :)

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