Wednesday, April 23, 2014

S is for Shango

     Shango is a Yoruban God who governs over storms, dancing, good times and male sexuality. He is married to Oya, Oshun and Oba. He is usually depicted as a tall, muscular, dark brown skinned man; who is dressed in red and white with a double axe and thunder bolts coming out of his hands. His feast day is the 4th of December, he is associated with the number six. He loves dogs, roosters and turtles but the ram is most associated with him. If you make offerings to him you can have a lot of bananas, apples, cornmeal, okra, red wine and rum. He is a loyal and protective God when on his good side.




Photo by Artist James C Lewis. He has a whole awesome collection dedicated to the Orishas, check him out!!!

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