Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Q is for Qandisa

What I think a Qandisa might look like: African Fire by ChisSweetArt

      A Qandisa is an African Succubi like spirit/demon who can take the form of a beautiful young woman. This spirit originates from the myths of the Morocco. She is said to have once been a goddess but fell from grace because she wanted to be more "promiscuous".  Thus becoming lower spirit being who is more like a succubus that lures unsuspecting young men into rivers and streams to their demise. The people of Morocco who believe in the myth usually make offerings to her to keep her away and from doing harm. 


Here are more depictions of what I think this spirit might look like in human form:

Although this is a depiction of Mami Wata; I could see a Qandisa spirit looking something like this.
Or like this!!

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