Sunday, April 13, 2014

L is for Loogaroo

   A Loogaroo is a Haitian Vampire. The creature is a woman who can leave her skin. She usually leaves it under what is called a "devil's tree" or a silk cotton tree. She turns into a blue flame ball of light and she goes door to door, trying to get the someone to open the door and let her in. If someone let's her in, she takes form and sucks the blood of everyone in the house. Apparently she makes a pact with the devil, who in turn gives her the powers but it comes with a price; if she doesn't collect enough blood to give to the devil then he will take hers and she will die. One way to ward her off is by putting out either rice or sand around your house or around you, as she will want to count the grains and this will distract her long enough for the sun to come up, so that she can return to her skin and human form. Another way to best her is to still her skin and hide it so that she can't find it.



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