Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I is for Impundulu


    An Impundulu is a mystical creature in the folk tails of the Pondo, Zulu and Xhousa tribes of South Africa. It is said that the bird is actually vampiric human in it's original form but it can take the shape of the bird which can be the size of an actual human. The bird can control the weather, more specifically thunder and lightening (where it got it's name Lightning bird).
    The creature is also associated with vampires because it has thirst for blood and feeds on humans and it is even said that sometimes the bird will change into a handsome man to seduce women so that they can have their way with them. This creature also get's associated with witches, as ironically the owners of the birds, according to some stories, are usually women. These creatures acts as sort of a familiar of sorts and does the bidding of the witch. If the creature doesn't have an owner it will terrorize and feed on the people of the area. 


Impundulu in Human Form

Impundulu and Witch Doctor by artist Gerard de Leeuw


  1. So I'm wondering if the bird is a sort of buzzard? Maybe that's how the folklore came about. Nice blog! Following you from the A to Z Challenge.

    1. I think so but I'm not sure and thank you for following me. I will follow you back!