Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Het-Heru

    Het-Heru(Kemetic/Egyptian) or Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess of love, fertility, women, femininity, music and dance. She is considered a sky and mother goddess. Thus, the reason she is depicted as a cow or a woman who wears a crown that has cow horns and desk on top of it. In some stories she is said to be the daughter of Ra but in other it is said she is actually Ra's mother and as well as Aset's (Isis) mother. Het-Heru's other children are, Ihy, Imesty, Hapi, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuf.
     She is also associated with the Milky Way (i.e the sky) when it aligns with earth and is visible to the eye during the fall and spring equinoxes; because she is associated with motherhood, women and fertility, the women of Ancient Kemet/Egypt would often call on her to assist them with pregnancies, as she was said to watch over expecting mothers and to help thm. This perhaps why she is also associated with milk (makes me think of the saying "mother's milk" and I wonder if that saying perhaps originated from her, Idk probably not, I could be reaching with this one.)


Temple of Het-Heru inside at Dendera

Temple of Het-Heru at Dendera

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