Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Griot

     African Griot to be more specific, are West African historians, sages, storytellers, praise singers and poets/artist who pass down the stories of their respected clan, tribe, culture etc... Although, they are not supernatural beings; there is something mystical and majestic about them. And how many stories have we heard throughout many cultures and backgrounds of the wise old sage who is the elder of the tribe/family, etc.. who tells such great stories that all of the children sit around, eagerly listening? Hundreds of stories like these are many folklore tails.
    The history of the African Griot is said to stretch back as far as thousands of years and not only do they pass oral history down, they are also responsible with keeping the records as well. They were also one of the most notable figures in West African cultures and usually held positions in high courts among kings. These Griots would have been the people who passed down the folklore tails!

P.S: There is so much more on African Griots on the web and many videos on youtube it is worth checking out! I first learned about African Griots in an English Class in College! Check it Out.

Griot by Leroy Campbell


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