Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Eshu

E is for Eshu

     Eshu is an Orisha, a warrior God of the Yoruban culture, he is also popular in Santeria and Candomble. He is one of the four powerful Orishas. He is seen as the divine messenger of heaven and earth; and is also known for his mischief, generosity, and a teacher of hard lessons. He also governs over travelers, all roads (especially crossroads),  and fortune; while standing at the crossroads he is a teacher of hard lessons; keeping a close eye on the acts of people and ensuring that followers make the right choices in their daily lives.
    He is associated with the number three and his colors are red and black or white and black, he is depicted as carrying a cane and shepherd's crook and a smoking pipe. Usually when followers require his assistance they often give him candies, toys, and rum or gin.

I hope one day a movie will be made that talks about the Orisha's, that would be one epic movie. Fingers crossed!!!!

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