Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Damali Richards

    D is for Damali Richards, she is a character from one of my most favorite book series titled The Vampire Huntress Legend Series, written by one of my favorite authors named L.A. Banks. The series is based on a young twenty something African-American woman who is a Hip Hop/Spoken Word Artist and Singer and also a vampire slayer; fighting alongside of her is a Guardian team who assists her in fighting the evil forces of her world. The series includes twelve books and is definitely worth the read.
    More about her character: She is a Neteru: an Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) warrior or someone who possesses God's divine powers. There is only one created every thousand years. Her fighting style is Aikido and her weapon is a called Madame Isis, a thirty-six inch, seven thousand year old triple blade sword, which is accompanied with a dagger as well that has a golden handle that has seven jewels down the middle, that represent the different colors of the chakras. She was born in New Orleans and put into foster care after her parents passed away and then after becoming a teenager she ran away to Los Angeles where she is found by Marlene Stone, one of the heads of the Guardian team, she is then taught the ways of the Neteru.
     I have read from a few places that this series was going to be adapted into a film for the big screen. While I am hopeful that this will in fact happen, I just hope that they keep with the vision of L.A. Banks for the storyline and don't completely change the characters personality and the way they look. I hope that there is no distortion.

P.S: Read the Books!!! It is awesome and you won't regret it. Leslie Esdaile Banks has written other book series and those are also awesome as well. I hate it so much that she passed away, she was such a great writer. However, I know that her work will continue to live on and her work has inspired me to continue to work. Also that tattoo that I have on right arm was inspired by the one that Damali has on the small of her back; after learning the meaning of it I wanted it!


R.I.P L.A Banks

Sankofa Bird an Andinkra symbol from the Akan tribe of Ghana which means to remember your past to get through your future.

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