Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Catwoman

Halle Berry

  Catwoman or Patience Phillips in the 2004 Catwoman movie played by Halle Berry is my second most favorite actress who has portrayed Catwoman; Eartha Kitt being the first and Michelle Pfeiffer being the third.
Eartha Kitt
Michelle Pfeiffer

    This movie didn't do so well at the box office; in fact it was considered to be a major flop and one of the worst superhero movies made of all time. While this thought is valid, and some parts were definitely cheesy and the acting made me roll my eyes a few times. In my opinion this movie not doing well had more to do with the weak storyline rather than Halle Berry's acting. 
    To me Halle like Eartha and Michelle made the character of Catwoman her own. She embodied it; and made the most of what she had to work with. Had the storyline been a lot better and they perhaps included her interacting with Batman or other superhero characters it would have made the movie much more awesome. I do like the fact that there was an effort to make a Catwoman a stand alone and the first time ever to use someone who is of color. 
   There were a few cool elements to this movie that made it bearable for me to watch, a few of those things were that having Patience/Halle be killed in the beginning of the movie and be resurrected in a sense by the cat was awesome; in fact that whole scene with the cats in a circle was beautiful to me. The second was the special effects, although they were easy to detect and they didn't really leave me wondering "how'd they do that" I still enjoyed the effects, Halle jumping from building to building, sliding between a building and landing on her "feet", lol, and also how they enlarged and put emphasis on the moon (which I'll go more in depth with in a minute.) I thought those effects were cool.
  Lastly, I really dug how they allowed Patience to learn about the origin's of Catwoman and how they linked it back to the Egyptian Goddess named Bast who was the the original Catwoman, (Bast is an Egyptian Goddess who governs over cats, women and secrets).
Cats were said to be the messengers of Bast, which was mentioned throughout the movie a few times and also the moon connection, (Although upon my researching further, I learned that Bast originally was a patron of the sun because her father is Ra.) which again was emphasized quite a bit in the movie.

Image of Bast
Another depiction of Bast

 I honestly hope that a Catwoman movie will be made again, many others and hopefully this will open the door for more actresses who are of color to play this role and even further I hope that more and more Black superhero character's will have movies made, there a countless numbers of characters, so I hope that one day these movies will start being made. Hell I am still waiting for a stand alone Storm movie. It needs to happen....!! 

I can think of quite a few actresses I could see play the roles of Storm, Catwoman, Vixen, Jade from Mortal Kombat, etc...
I've typed for this long so I might as well name those actresses who I'd love to see play superheros: Jada Pinkett Smith (She'd so make a great Catwoman), Lupita Nyongo, Tarajii P. Henson, Nona Gaye, Megan Good, and Sanaa Lathan are just a few I'd like to see but believe me when I say my list is long as hell.

P.S: I don't care what anyone says Halle Berry was sexy and kickass as Catwoman!


  1. I forgot about that movie. I think that movie's failure might be why they tabled the "Wonder Woman" movie they'd been talking about. They must have decided the audience for action movies wanted to see male heroes, not female, unless they were really strong like Jennifer Garner was in whatever movie that was she starred in as an action hero...

    1. I agree with that too. I didn't know that the Wonder Woman movie had been postponed, thought it was still in the works...well that really sucks.