Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Baron Samedi

    Baron Samedi is a powerful Loa or God spirit of the religion of Vodun (Voodoo), He is the head of the spirits of the dead in Voodoo known as The Guede or Family or house of spirits that represent the powers of death and fertility.  Samedi means "Saturday" in French, which is likened to him because usually when people let loose, drink, and have a good time is on the weekend or more specifically on Saturday. He also goes by many other names such as Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi and Bawon Sandmi, he is also known in other cultures as Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, and Baron Kriminel. His wife's name is Loa Maman Brigitte. She is also a death Loa.
     He is depicted as a tall handsome black man, who wears black and white face paint to look like he has a skeleton face and plugs up the nose to represent that he is dead. He wears a top hat and a tuxedo and can be seen having a cigarette or cigar in one hand and a glass of rum in the other hand. Most people are familiar with Baron Samedi because of the slightly skewed version of who he actually is; He isn't just simply how Hollywood has chosen to portray him. There is more to him than just cigars, sexuality and liquor... What should be known more about him is that he actually stands at the crossroads between the realms of life and death, assisting spirits who have passed on. He is also known to be a bit of a trickster but he is an honest and straight forward spirit. He is also said to have a soft spot for children. He governs over obscenity, chaos, sensuality and fearlessness; with those who call on him asking for courage. He is also often called upon for protection spells, removing curses and counteracting negative magic. Because Baron Samedi helps spirits crossover, he can also help the living contact loved ones that have passed on as well as ancestors. It is said that Baron Samedi frequents cemeteries.
     Yahoo contributor Neal Litherland, Who wrote the article Baron Samedi: A Voodoo Loa of Death, Sex and Saturday night", had this to say about Baron Samedi:
  The image of Baron Samedi is everywhere in popular culture. He's been everything from a villain in James Bond and in comics like Spawn (the design of the villain Chapel), to a popular voodoo doll to a character in modern fantasy series of all stripes. He's so popular in New Orleans that he's considered to be the patron loa of the city, and in Haiti the first funeral in a cemetery is always dedicated to the Baron as a sign of respect.You never know when you'll have to call on him to ask questions or a favor, so it's always a wise plan to stay on his good side.

                                     My Baron Samedi Poem:
                                    Do not be deceived by the
                                   tall, dark and handsome man
                                   in the top hat and his Sunday's
                                   best, for he is said to be a trickster.
                                   He favors cigars and rum, so if you
                                   ever smell either you should run;
                                   Although his tricks are all in good fun,
                                   should you find yourself at the 
                                   crossroads, with the tall handsome
                                   man standing there waiting for you,
                                   it is your time, your time to pass from
                                   this place. For he is your guide to the
                                   realm where the dead dwells.



  1. Interesting post. Thanks, Stephanie.

  2. This was fascinating I know I have seen images of Baron Samedi and it was so interesting to put a story to it all. #a2zchallenge great to connect ! I am #1547