Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Ausar (Osirius) and Auset (Isis)

         A is for Ausar and Auset, these are the Kemetic (African/Egyptian) names for Osiris and Isis. They were said to have originated in Kemet/Kemit or Egypt, which translates as "Land of the Blacks". However, it has been a long standing debate that Kemet/Kemit only refers to Land of the black soil but we're not going to debate that here, if you're interested on this feel free to look it up, it is definitely worth it! 
    The story of Ausar and Auset has been told so many times over that most people may find similarities in many creation myths and stories to that of theirs. One most common is the story of Jesus. In which Ausar becomes (God), Auset becomes (Mary) and Heru/Horus (Ausar and Auset's son) becomes Jesus. *You can also look up more on this as well* 
    Although the stories are similar; as you read up more on these origins you can see how this story of creation has been passed down throughout generations.
     Now, more to the point. Who is Ausar and Auset? Well, briefly,  the story goes that in the beginning Ausar manifests himself into the world and takes Auset his sister-wife as his queen and they rule Kemet together. Set/Seth (Set is likened to be Satan), Ausar's younger brother becomes jealous of him because of how powerful he is and kills him in a rage and cuts his body up into several pieces and scatters them all over the world and takes over the throne. 
    Auset learning of her husband's demise gathers up all of the pieces; However, the one piece she cannot find is his phallus so she fashions one and through magic puts Ausar back together and resurrects him and this allows them to conceive their son Heru. When Heru grows up and becomes of age he along with the help of Tehuti (Thoth) God of Wisdom and Hieroglyphs assists Heru in defeating his uncle Set and restores power back into their hands and he is able to return Kemet back to the way it was originally ruled. Heru becomes the ruler of Kemet and Ausar the ruler of the underworld because he cannot return to the land of the living.

I didn't want to spend too much time on putting a lot of information here because their is a such an enormous amount of information out there that one could spend hours upon hours learning more and more about their origins and also it gives you, the readers a chance to explore this story deeper if you so choose. Also, this blog more so tells the story of Ausar and Heru as far as their actions in the story, I would encourage you to explore more on Aset, because she also has a story aside from Ausar and Heru; she is a lot more powerful than I depict here. So check it out!!!!

P.S : This version of the creation story is long overdue to be made into a movie but while this is my wishful thinking, I doubt that I'll see Hollywood depict it this way. Who knows maybe one day!!

                                  Depiction of Ausar and Auset

                            Although this is a picture of an Alien
                            invasion, isn't it kick ass though!!!!