Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blogging for P: P is for Prue Halliwell

P is for Prue Halliwell

    Prue Halliwell is a fictional character from the television show Charmed. Charmed is by far my favorite tv show, which was created by Constance M. Burns and produced by Aaron Spelling. Prue Halliwell who is portrayed by Shannen Doherty is my favorite character from the show. Basically, the show centers around these three sisters who come back together to live in the same house they grew up in as kids after there grandmother passes away. With them being back together they inherit powers that they use to fight demons
     What inspired me most about this character is that she was very independent, very much a go-getter and she was the oldest child of the three sisters. Prue is always taking care of the younger sisters; which were all things I could relate to. I saw a lot of myself in this character. I've never been one to shy away from a challenge and my grandmother, (The three sisters are raised by their grandmother when their mother passes away due to being killed by a demon) who also raised me, taught me to be independent. 
     Although there were several things I learned from this character, I think one of the major things were to not let life's responsibilities take over your life to the point of where you're putting everyone else's needs before your own. You're working to hard to please others and get the approval of others that you forget who the hell you are along the way; this is definitely an issue that I deal with from time to time, even at this point in my life. But, I am working on it.
   Unfortunately, Prue is killed off the show but if you really look deeper at the message behind it, it's that Prue spends a lot of her time living life for everyone else that she often forgets herself and ultimately she's not living her life to the fullest. This taught me to take nothing for granted, especially life. And that when a situation is fucked up; that means it's time to leave it and I am definitely following my own advice.

   Prue was bad-ass!!! If you haven't watched the show, it's really good!  


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