Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging For Y:

Y is for Yaya DeCosta:

      Yaya DeCosta is an Actress and Fashion Model. She appeared on the show America's Next Top Model and was the runner up (she really should have won in my opinion, although I love Eva Pigford, the winner of cycle 3) I wish that Yaya would have won.
      Nevertheless, Yaya has built a successful career. I came to admire Yaya because of her fierce love for representing her African American heritage, which she showed through her style and personal beliefs. Not only that, Yaya is a very educated woman, she majored in Africana Studies and International Relations at Brown University and she is also fluent in Portuguese, French, Spanish, and conversational Japanese. Whether she's modeling or acting, I just dig her style and I love that she stays true to who she is.
     She is a very beautiful person inside as well as out and she has my full respect because she's not afraid to be herself and that is one thing I look for in a person whom to admire and learn from.

Yaya in her own words:
 "Both my parents are educators. My siblings and I always had to get good grades no matter what outside interests we had."

This is when I literally began to admire Yaya, at this moment, I truly identified with her, Even Tyra Banks is given props for the look she gave the other judge for making the comment she made towards Yaya. While I do agree with some of what Tyra and the rest of the judges were saying, I am glad that Yaya stood up for herself, even if she did get a bit defensive. At least she can also look back and say that she stood up for what she believed in:


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