Monday, April 29, 2013

Blogging For W:

W is for Willow:

     Willow is my second favorite fictional witch. Willow is from the television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Alyson Hannigan portrays Willow. Although Willow doesn't become a witch until a few seasons later, I still enjoyed her character because of her progression throughout the series. She starts off as a nerdy girl, who is often picked on and forced to do everyone's homework, but later one when she meets Buffy and along with Xander and Mr. Giles they create the "Scooby-Gang", Willow becomes empowered as far as her spirit goes.
     What I admire most about Willow is that she is such a loyal friend to Buffy and Xander; not many people will risk their lives when they have to encounter something really, really heavy (in which case it's helping to save the world from vampires, demons, and ending...), I also admire Williow's character because she doesn't stay the same, she becomes who she's meant to be, she grows stronger and gains more confidence in herself. Not to mention I love her quirky sense of humor. She also becomes a lesbian towards the middle of the series, which I thought was absolutely genius for her character.
     Throughout all of her struggles she never gives up and her character reminds me that I can be just as powerful.

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