Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogging For S:

S is for Storm:

      Storm, also known as Ororo Munroe is my favorite X-men! She is probably one of the first fictional characters I saw on television that wasn't a stereotypical black woman. While she is a part of the Marvel Universe *Wink*, I still find myself inspired by the character. Especially with knowing how Stan Lee came up with the idea of calling these characters X men, made me all the more excited.
   There wouldn't be a Saturday that wouldn't go by that I wasn't watching X-men. I had my bowl of cereal, (Peanut Butter Capn' Crunch to be specific) and my little brother and I would sit there eating our cereal, occasionally putting the bowl down so we could try and do the fighting moves we saw on the screen. Those were some of the best times!

   As I got older and learned more about Storm's origin, I learned   that she married and had a child with another Marvel character called Black Panther and they had a son. All of this got me so hyped because it is so rare for heros and sheros to be of African descent but Stan Lee, who was ahead of his time by the way, did something no one else did and that is he created diversity. He created characters that people from all races and backgrounds could relate to and I think that -that is so awesome.

     I admire the character Storm because she's no pushover, while she can be sweet she can also bring down the wrath on you if you piss her off. She's bad-ass (Yes, bad-ass is one of my favorite words to describe strong women because they rock and they;re cool and I want to be just like them when I grow up, so deal with it!!)  :)  

 "Those who challenge me fight the very elements of Earth herself" from the video game *Marvel vs Capcom*


Halle Berry talks portraying Storm and getting to be more a part of the action in X-Men 3. They're shooting the next X-men, I hope she really cuts up! Because Storm is far from how they portray her as in the first three movies. Just saying...




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