Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogging For M:

M is for Mya:

    Mya IS my favorite entertainer/singer in the whole wide world. She was named after Maya Angelou! I love Mya because she's a Libra like me and also because she makes songs that I love and can relate too. Ever since her first single "It's All About Me" came out in 1998, I've been hooked. Some of my favorite songs by Mya are "My Love Is Like Whoa", "Ponytail", "Lock U Down", and "Paradise" just to name a few. Like Aaliyah, Mya's is another entertainer who is an all around entertainer and check her moves too, she's bad. I have tried to get her dance steps down too!
     Mya is also an actress, I'd have to say I like her better as a singer than an actress but she has appeared in the movie "Chicago" alongside Richard Gere, and Rene Zellweger; she portrayed Mona in Cell Block Tango. She was also in the movie "Cursed" with Christina Ricci and one my favorite movies "Love For Sale". 
    She also featured on Dancing With The Stars in 2009 and came in second place (she should have won, she was the best on the show). I'm not only inspired by Mya's songs but also her philanthropy and activism she works heavily with the NOH8 Campaign and she also founded her own non-profit organization called the TMATF: The Mya Arts & Tech Foundation which teaches kids the Arts as well as Technology. She also worked with the Lifetime Network for the Stop Breast Cancer For Life Campaign. She recoreded a song for the cause called "My Bra", this was a campaign that hit close to Mya because her mother battled with Breast Cancer.
    Mya has since gone Independent with her music. She launched her own record label Planet 9 and is still going strong but more underground and overseas. Either way, I am still a loyal fan, always have been and always will be. I love me some Mya!!

Mya in her own words:
"Opinions are opinions. I don't mind being a part of one, negative or positive."

" I wouldn't mind a dude that could take my attitude and take the time to listen. Someone that understands when I need a lil space and when I need attention." This is from my favorite song by Mya "Lock You Down"




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