Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogging For L:

L is for Lucy Liu:

    Lucy Liu is probably one of my favorite actresses. I loved her in Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill Vol.1 and 2 and most recently Man With The Iron Fists. I think what inspires me about Lucy Liu is her acting style. I just like how bad-ass she is in her movies, plus she's one of my girl crushes!!! :) Also, she's even pretty funny. She just seems like a person who is very down to earth. Plus, she has a love for the arts; after looking up a few things on her I found out that she had three gallery openings showcasing her art work which included her collages, paintings, and photography. She's also very heavily into activism and raising money for UNICEF. She became an ambassador for UNICEF in 2004. Overall, I love the way she approaches acting and one thing about her is that when you see hr on screen you can't take your eyes off of it; or at least I can't because, well... she's awesome!

If you'd like to view her artwork you can view it here

Lucy Liu in her own words:
" Women like to watch women fight because it makes them feel sort of empowered physically and mentally. They feel kind of jazzed and excited by it."

" You can't look back; you have to keep looking forward."


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