Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blogging For J

J is for Janelle Monae:

   Janelle is an inspiration to me because of her whole outlook on being an entertainer; known for wearing her tuxedo and rocking her natural up do style. What she is more known for is her meaningful lyrics that often times have different ideas and subjects you can pull from and that you can apply to your own life. 
    I just really love her style and her motivation for wearing the tuxedo or rather her uniform as she calls it. I love just about all of her music but there is just something about Tightrope that I just have to listen to that song every single time. I feel as though I know exactly what she's talking about and I am able to just apply that to my own life.

Janelle Monae in her own words:

"When I got into the music industry, I wasn't focused on being the most famous artist or even getting a major record deal. It was just to make music on my own terms or create my own image, do my own hair, do my own makeup."

"I have a great body, I really do. But I want to be taken seriously as an artist, and wearing anything that shows it off will be a distraction from the music. That's how my signature uniform, my tuxedo, came about. It's classic and timeless. You'll see me in black, white, and a pop of color on my lips. That pop adds a little magic."

And my personal favorite and one that I apply to my own life is:
"When you get elevated, they love it or they hate it."


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