Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging For I:

I is for Issa Rae:

     Issa Rae is the CEO of Issa Rae Productions and the creator of the YouTube series The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, she also stars in the series as the main character named simply "J".

 I had never even heard of the series until a friend of mine told me  about it. After watching a few webisodes I was instantly hooked. The show is currently on it's second season and I believe that the finale is coming up pretty soon if it hasn't already. 
     She inspired me because of her creativity and how she was able to come up with an awesome show and being that I can be very awkward myself, this show seemed heaven-sent and made just for me. What also made me fall more in love with her show and Issa Rae was her reason for creating the show.
     Issa Rae created the show because she was tired of all the stereotypical and negative ways people of color were portrayed in mainstream media. Out of this frustration, her show was born. The show had so much success that she has gotten the support of Rapper/Producer Pharrell Williams of the group N.E.R.D who has a channel called i amOther, which is also available on there. She also has another show in the works but this time it will be coming to tv Titled I Hate L.A Dudes. (I can't wait!!!!)     :) 
     If it isn't obvious by now, I admire individuals who think outside the box. Those who are creative and are about making progress and changing the world. Issa Rae is one of those people!!! She's awesome!


Issa Rae in her own words:

      P.S: Check her out if you haven't already, by clicking on the video below it's the first episode to Awkward Black Girl! 


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