Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blogging For F:

F is for Fefe Dobson:

    Fefe Dobson is an Alternative/Rock artist. She is from Canada. The first time I heard her music, I was like finally there is a black girl singing alternative rock. I was so excited when "Take Me Away" came out. She inspired me to dig a little deeper when it came to Rock music. She helped to lead me to the fact that rock music was not "white people's music" as I had been taught. In fact, when I was in elementary; even through high school people called me "whitegirlwannabe" because I listened to Rock and Heavy Metal. What they didn't realize in their ignorance is that had it not been for blues and jazz there would be no rock. Chuck Berry was the guy to coin the term Rock N Roll. Had I not heard of Fefe Dobson, it probably would have never crossed my mind to research the origins of rock music and I am so glad I did because they're so many artist who paved the way for rock music and also they're so many artist who are of African descent who are rock and metal artist. All one needs to do is look. Thanks Fefe! 

Below is my favorite song by Fefe Dobson, I could relate to the song a great deal, because of the relationship I had with my own father.


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  1. loved her! she was like this strong independent female. great voice for young girls! wonder what she's up to now?