Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blogging for D

D is for Daria:

  Now I know what you're thinking; Daria is a fictional character from the MTV television series. However, she fits here because her character inspired me a great deal. The show came out around the time I was in school and going through my awkward phase. It was not only inspiring but also refreshing to see such a new type of character who wasn't a stereotypical female be showcased on television; Especially on MTV.

   For those who have watched the show they know that Daria is a very introverted person and she doesn't like public speaking or going along with the status quo. When watching this show it was like I was watching a mirror image of myself. Even to this very day, I am still as introverted as I've ever been. Thanks to the show and the character Daria she made it cool to be introverted and different. As I've grown older and have become a young woman,  I am discovering my strengths, even though I am introverted I can still turn on my charms when I need to and because I'm always inside my head I am great at paying attention to detail, working one on one with people and working alone and getting the job done is not a problem for me.
  But back to Daria, this show is very entertaining and if you've never watched it, please check it out, it's hilarious. Below is Daria in her own words and some of my favorite moments from the show:



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  1. DARIA! DARIA! DARIA!.... comes as absolutely NO surprise that she is inspiring to you--- she is my hero!!! :-)